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Offices For Humans

Open floor plans. Coffee bars. Green walls. Trendy offices abound in the tech world, but do you know if your office is actually promoting productivity?

Kristin Kelsey, an expert on modern office design and Architecture and Design Lead at Herman Miller, joins the show today to share her ideas on what makes a great office.

Kristin is passionate about shaping offices for the work that happens within them. By observing how people work and interact, spaces can be created to facilitate these activities as well as office culture. She provides great insight into why your office looks like it does today, and where it’s headed in the future. Kristin also discusses biophilic design, the “third space,” and an array of positive and negative trends in office design throughout the years.

In This Episode:

  • How office design paradigms shifted throughout the 20th century, and why.
  • The rise of the “action office” and how it impacted modern office design.
  • Kristin’s take on the limited amount of square footage employees receive today for office space.
  • Considerations that go into designing communal spaces in an office environment.
  • How what were once dead spaces have become “third spaces” for meetings, work, and interactions.
  • Why trends such as biophilic design ultimately must flow from careful observation of how people actually work.
  • How office design can reflect a company’s culture and values.


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