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Read Like An Analyst: IoT Can Lead to Idealistic Overthinking

Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell
Isa Gautschi
Authored byIsabel Gautschi

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No travel budget for tech conferences? No problem. Here are the highlights.

“It’s not about Einstein – but the platform,” Holger Mueller says of Dreamforce 2016.

John Furrier points out what wasn’t said at Oracle OpenWorld.

Despite waning attendance and sponsor numbers, VMworld 2016 focused on VMware’s multi-cloud vision and virtual desktop business.

“Be a Product First SaaS Company.” According to Alan Gleeson, this was one of the key lessons from SaaStock 2016.

Analysts Gabe Knuth and Jack Madden discuss Microsofts’ Azure plans, the demise of Azure Remote App, and recap other important developments from Ignite 2016.

IoT can lead to idealistic overthinking.

Motherboard reports that recent, large DDoS attacks were powered by “a large zombie army of hacked cameras and other devices.” The culprit was malware described as “amateurish” and “mediocre.” If sloppy code can cause that much trouble, we should probably brace for many more IoT security issues.

Remember when there were supposed to be 50 billion connected devices by 2020? Yeah, no. Forecasts are now scaling that number waaayyy back.

Bernard Marr examines how “edge analytics” will change how data architects design IoT infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence is your friend.

Here are fifteen visuals to summarize the state of the AI market.

Andy Greenberg dives into Google’s moonshot, Jigsaw, and how it is using machine learning to combat online trolls.

“Where’s your natural language processing vision? How do I talk to your app?”  Roger Parloff examines how deep neural networks have changed the future of technology development.

“Will it take six months, eight months or a year or more to deliver all the Einstein services described at Dreamforce 2016?”, asks Doug Henschen.

Cybersecurity certainly isn’t static.

Eugene Kaspersky is not happy with the hype around “artificial intelligence” as a quick fix for cybersecurity and fears that it will discredit and slow valuable developments in machine learning.

Blockchain was supposed to revolutionize the world and secure everything. That notion is being tested by the attacks on ethereum’s blockchain. Though the attacks are considered mere nuisances by some, it is starting to sound a bit like whack-a-mole.

While it has become more common to see cybersecurity professionals sitting on boards of directors, cybersecurity professionals still struggle to get noticed.

Conventional wisdom is usually outdated in tech.

The epic price-cutting war between AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud may be over. Or not. Depends on who you ask.

Microsoft has changed its business model and the way it builds products. Does this mean “The End of the Microsoft Partner”?

Many say web apps are either dead or dying. Can Google and others reverse the extinction with “progressive web apps”?

Do drones count as a sector?

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