B2B Marketing Conference Parody

Register for Conference Conference 2018!

Innovate. Disrupt. HASHTAG.

Thought Leaders You’ve Never Heard Of, a conference caste system, hair bands, professional photographers to steady your iPhone X while you take a selfie…

Don’t miss out on the B2B marketing conference of the century!

Cascade Insights is proud to announce our inaugural tech marketing conference parody: CONFERENCE CONFERENCE 2018.

Now that you’re in on the joke, here’s how our market research helps marketing teams in real life. (Seriously.)


Copywriting: Isabel Gautschi

Editing: Sean Campbell

Web Design: Kistner Group

Special thanks to Philippe Boutros, Bridget Burley, Colleen Clancy, Jacob Dittmer, John Najarian, Hercules Randolph IV, Blaze Schweickart, and Scott Swigart for contributing speaker sessions and content ideas.

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