Are you Ready to Research the B2B Buyer’s Journey?

The buyer’s journey has already begun far before the phone rings, the email is sent or the meeting is scheduled. To fully understand these changes, companies need to drastically re-think their B2B market research strategies.

Speaking at the 2015 Market Research Association’s Corporate Researchers Conference, Cascade Insights CEO Sean Campbell explained how market research needs to adapt to the evolving B2B sales world.

His presentation, available below, offers key questions and tools that make gathering competitive intelligence easier.

Are You Ready to Research the Buyer’s Journey?

Sean has covered different aspects of this topic in recent episodes of the B2B Market Research Podcast such as: win-loss analysis recruiting methods, predictive analytics, anticipating competitor growth, and understanding the B2B buyer’s journey.

Check out the Cascade Insights blog for more tips of the trade.

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