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Welcome to the Cascade Insights B2B Market Research Blog, where we share insights from 10+ years of helping companies succeed in the B2B tech sector. We cover topics such as research methodology, understanding B2B buyers, defining your brand, and expanding your market. This blog is designed exclusively for marketers, product development teams, sales leaders, and market researchers in the B2B tech sector.

B2B Buyer’s Journey: Buyers and Marketers in the Blender

Are you in a new role? Has your marketing budget been slashed? You’re not alone. The B2B Buyer’s Journey has changed, and you need research to stay ahead.
March 8, 2022/by Ashley Wilson

B2B Customer Experience Research: Turn Grimaces Into Grins

Learn how to turn your customers’ grimaces into grins by including qualitative research in your approach to customer satisfaction.
February 22, 2022/by Raeann Bilow

B2B Quantitative Surveys: Design Them Like You Give A Damn

You can’t write an effective quantitative survey if you don’t care. Yet, unfortunately, that’s how many surveys are created today, by folks who don’t give a damn. Follow these 8 steps to design great research questions.
February 8, 2022/by Tricia Lindsey

Untrustworthy B2B Thought Leadership: 3 Red Flags To Watch Out For

Just because a B2B thought leadership piece exists does not mean that it’s credible. Watch out for these 3 red flags to signal it’s untrustworthy.
November 1, 2021/by Raeann Bilow

Customer Satisfaction Research: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Customer satisfaction research is an important tool in your market research toolbox. Learn from these customer satisfaction research horror stories to improve your B2B customer satisfaction research strategy.
October 19, 2021/by Tricia Lindsey

B2B Buyer Personas: 6 Key Insights to Build an Effective Marketing Strategy

Do your buyer personas lack information to help you create meaningful marketing? Learn how to create a solid marketing backbone with insightful B2B buyer personas.
October 12, 2021/by Alexis Ford

Research Panel Quality Check: Trust Then Verify

Research panel quality is notoriously bad. Find out why and understand what you can do to combat low-quality online panels.
September 22, 2021/by Krista Daly

Why You Need Message Testing: 6 Worst-Case Scenarios You Risk Without It

What can go wrong without message testing research? Here are six scenarios B2B tech companies risk without it.
September 13, 2021/by Raeann Bilow

B2B Thought Leadership Content: How to Back up Your Opinion With Facts

Position your company as an industry expert by creating B2B thought leadership content that utilizes research and data to back your opinions.
July 15, 2021/by Raeann Bilow

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