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Welcome to the Cascade Insights B2B Market Research Blog, where we share insights from 10+ years of helping companies succeed in the B2B tech sector. We cover topics such as research methodology, understanding B2B buyers, defining your brand, and expanding your market. This blog is designed exclusively for marketers, product development teams, sales leaders, and market researchers in the B2B tech sector.

Panel Providers Vs. Expert Networks: Who Gives the Highest Quality Respondents?

Research vendors should field surveys with high-quality respondents. But as we have discovered, that’s not always the case. Our investigative journey digs into the issues we found with some vendors and how we made those discoveries.
July 21, 2022/by Ashley Wilson

5 Pieces of Bad News a Competitive Landscape Analysis Can Deliver

A competitive landscape analysis has the potential to shock marketers with bad news. Here are five examples of things to look out for and how to respond.
June 22, 2022/by Raeann Bilow

B2B Focus Groups: Virtual for the Win

Technology has changed how we conduct B2B focus groups. Learn some of the best techniques to get quality data from virtual market research.
June 7, 2022/by Alexis Ford

4 Types of Bad News B2B Brand Research Delivers

Brand research can sometimes reveal bad news to good marketers. Here’s how to take the negative news and use it to improve your company’s brand.
May 17, 2022/by Tricia Lindsey

B2B Buyer Persona Research: Truth Over Templates

Are you wasting your time with buyer persona templates? These case studies show how customized B2B buyer persona research can make a difference.
April 29, 2022/by Ashley Wilson

Cascade Insights Recognized as Top Business to Work for in Oregon

Here’s Cascade Insights’ account on how we became a “top business to work for in Oregon” as a 100% remote company.
April 11, 2022/by Raeann Bilow

B2B Buyer’s Journey: Buyers and Marketers in the Blender

Are you in a new role? Has your marketing budget been slashed? You’re not alone. The B2B Buyer’s Journey has changed, and you need research to stay ahead.
March 8, 2022/by Ashley Wilson

B2B Customer Experience Research: Turn Grimaces Into Grins

Learn how to turn your customers’ grimaces into grins by including qualitative research in your approach to customer satisfaction.
February 22, 2022/by Raeann Bilow

B2B Quantitative Surveys: Design Them Like You Give A Damn

You can’t write an effective quantitative survey if you don’t care. Yet, unfortunately, that’s how many surveys are created today, by folks who don’t give a damn. Follow these 8 steps to design great research questions.
February 8, 2022/by Tricia Lindsey

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