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Welcome to the Cascade Insights B2B Market Research Blog, where we share insights from 10+ years of helping companies succeed in the B2B tech sector. We cover topics such as research methodology, understanding B2B buyers, defining your brand, and expanding your market. This blog is designed exclusively for marketers, product development teams, sales leaders, and market researchers in the B2B tech sector.

You Can’t Always Have Quant With Your Qual

Smaller populations & insufficient samples often plague B2B quantitative research. Qualitative B2B research may actually give you more valuable information.
May 17, 2017/by Sean Campbell

How Good Researchers Give Bad News

Good B2B market research is designed to illuminate areas that could use some work. Here's our approach to delivering bad news in a constructive way.
April 19, 2017/by Isabel Gautschi

The Gender Gap: A Look at 50 Tech Giants

Is LinkedIn ad targeting a valid source of information for company demographics? We took a closer look at the tech gender gap to find out.
April 6, 2017/by Sean Campbell

Big Data Ethics: Math Responsibly

Big data can be used to create a powerful supporting argument for nearly anything. It has never been more important to use math responsibly.
March 22, 2017/by Sean Campbell

B2B Market Research: 3 Steps to Recruiting a Superb Sample

When it comes to B2B studies, having the right people is just as important as asking the right questions. How to do B2B market research recruiting right.
February 21, 2017/by Sean Campbell

Customer Insights: You Need More Than Market Segmentation Data

The tech industry is all about market segmentation. Unfortunately, this tendency often leads tech companies to miss a key measurement of success: whether the solution is actually accomplishing the tasks it's being used for.
February 7, 2017/by Sean Campbell

Will Market Research Jobs Survive the Artificial Intelligence Revolution?

Human brilliance was once essential to professions. AI is about to change that. But "The Future of the Professions" gives hope for staying relevant.
October 3, 2016/by Sean Campbell

Key Buying Criteria: The Path to ‘Yes’

Find B2B buyers' key buying criteria to craft better messaging and product development strategies.
September 21, 2016/by Sean Campbell

In-Depth Interviews: The Answer To ‘None of The Above’

In-depth interviews (IDIs) are basically the Leatherman of B2B market research. They can reveal the context you weren't even aware of.
September 14, 2016/by Sean Campbell

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