Case Study – Using B2B Research to Better Understand Core Audiences

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If you were a leading technology solutions provider aiming to assess your performance with your core audience, what steps would you take?

In this short video, we demonstrate how we used quantitative research to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at both persona and market levels. Ultimately, we leveraged these insights to create targeted content marketing assets that generate better leads for our client.

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Video Transcript

The Business Problem

What would you do if you were a leading provider of technology solutions that enabled developers to build more secure applications? And you wanted to understand empirically how well you were doing with that core audience. Well, this is exactly the problem a client came to us with recently. And instead of just guessing as to how things were coming along, they chose to Act With Clarity™.

The Solution

And once they did that, they asked us to conduct a web -based survey that generated over 500 responses from developers and engineers and other personas of interest to our client.

And during the course of that survey, we dug deep on programming language preferences and how developers were securing applications today and their concerns about tomorrow. And we also looked at the competitive market dynamic. So ultimately our client was able to get a very strong perspective on what was happening at a market and a persona level. But in addition to that, we took the core findings from the report and developed a strong and vivid white paper that they could use for marketing purposes and lead gen. So if you’re facing a similar challenge,

You want to understand a core audience better or you just want to market to them more effectively. You can either give us a call or drop us an email at or you can visit and fill out our contact form. And hopefully we can help you Act With Clarity™ too.

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