Did You See These Top B2B Market Research Posts?

Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell
Isa Gautschi
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Now that we’ve stepped into fall in the Northwest (summer starts late and runs late here), we decided to take a look at which B2B Market Research episodes and blog posts generated the most sparks this past summer.

Top five most-played podcast episodes of the summer

What piqued your listening pleasure? These were our top five most-played podcast episodes of the summer:

  1. B2B Market Research Study? – Don’t Hire that Panel Firm –Cascade Insights CEO Sean Campbell described why recruiting is best done by the market researchers conducting the interviews.
  2. Big Industry News? How do World Class Analysts Respond?– Sean interviewed SAP Lead Analyst Matthew Sell on how top analysts go beyond reporting to give context and insight to the news.
  3. Cybersecurity: 5 Things B2B Market Researchers Need to Know– Sean covered why the growth of the cybersecurity industry is good for B2B market researchers, the impact of cybersecurity threats on business leaders and IT, why service providers are a crucial part of the puzzle, how to recruit a cybersecurity professional and how to use cybersecurity communities to mine sentiment.
  4. B2B Market Research Ethics: Respondent, Firm, Client, and Study– Sean pondered the ethics issues surrounding B2B market research studies, the SCIP and MRA codes of ethics and Cascade Insights’ own code of ethics framed by the handling of the identities of the respondent, firm, client and study.
  5. 23 Questions for Software Developers – A Q/A List for B2B Market Researchers – Sean dropped some major clues for finding out how code is managed, the process of releasing new product functionality and problem-solving style.

Most read posts of the summer

As for our blog, these were our most read posts of the summer:

  1. How Predictive Analytics Turn Data into Insights – Sean interviewed Thomas Miller, the Faculty Director of Northwestern University’s Predictive Analytics Program and author of “Web and Network Data Science: Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics.” They discussed the tools necessary to derive useful analysis from the text-heavy Internet.
  2. Want Stakeholder Buy-in? Tell Better Stories – Sean interviewed Victoria Lefevers, Carbonite’s manager of market and competitive intelligence. Their conversation covered how to appeal to a variety of stakeholders, why storytelling is essential in presentations, the critical differences between mid-market and enterprise competitive intelligence and market research roles and processes.
  3. The Evolving B2B Market: What Competitive Intelligence Pros Need to Know – This post summed up the key points from Sean’s presentation at SCIP’s International Conference & Exhibition 2015.
  4. 7 Tips For Presenting Competitive Intelligence Research Like A Pro – Sean covered why competitive intelligence and market research analysts struggle with presenting data, why the 10-20-30 slide show rule is ridiculous and tips for being a better presenter.
  5. 15 Competitive Intelligence Questions Product Managers Need to Answer – Sean covered the role of product managers in competitive intelligence and the key questions they should ask.

These podcast episodes were brought to you by Cascade Insights. Cascade Insights specializes in market research and competitive intelligence for B2B technology companies. Our specialization allows us to deliver detailed insights that generalist firms simply can’t match. Check out our array of free resources including our What is B2B Market Research pageblogebookpodcast archive, and newsletter.

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