Read Like an Analyst: Cybersecurity, Enterprise IT, and One Hit Wonders

Read Like an Analyst: Cybersecurity, Enterprise IT, and One Hit Wonders

Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell

The Read Like an Analyst series gives you a peek into the industry moves and countermoves that generated the most conversation around the company’s Keurig these past few weeks.

Read Like an Analyst: Cybersecurity, Enterprise IT, and One Hit Wonders

Enterprise IT

Storage is in hot demand and shadow IT is still causing major headaches.

  • The enterprise storage industry could be nearing a “tipping point” with unprecedented demand. This article offers trends and predictions for how the storage sector will cope.
  • Time to freak out, shadow IT is more common than you think, says Information Week and CIO.


Car hacking by text and hacking from the sky are just a few reasons Cybersecurity is on the mind of everyone in tech.  Here are some of the stories we found most interesting over the last few weeks.

  •  Phasing out bring-your-own-device work policies, progress in anomaly-based malware protection research and vendors rethinking how to bundle and license their security packages are among the 2015 cybersecurity trends predicted in this CSO Online piece.
  • Tripwire and ESG have handy recaps of cyber security presentations from the 18th annual Black Hat Conference held in Las Vegas Aug. 1-6.
  • Researchers from UC-San Diego were able to turn on the wipers and apply the brakes of a Corvette via text. You can watch the short video here.
  • A drone that can hack from the sky was revealed at DEFCON. “Set up as a security testing tool, with some reconfiguring it could go from a testing device to an actual weapon,” reports Popular Science.
  • The NSA is giving the University of Alabama in Huntsville nearly $300,000 in grant funds to support building cybersecurity (or backdoors, depending on how you look at it) into the Internet of Things.
  • “Any organization listed on the ASX that does not have an executive with a clear mandate to understand the organization’s technical risks, and facilitate the decision-making on how to address these, is failing its obligations to run in the best interests of shareholders,” James Turner charges in his op-ed for the Australian Financial Review, “Ignorance on cyber security no longer an option for boards.” 


Mobile devices may be transforming the industry landscape, but the PC isn’t quite dead yet.

  • Smartphones are taking over the world. Check out this presentation on why Mobile: It Changes Everything.”
  • PC’s may be in decline, but they’re far from dead.
  • This blistering Ars Technica editorial “Waiting for Android’s inevitable security Armageddon” charges that “the Android ecosystem can’t deal with security, and it won’t change until it’s too late.”
  • With a security flaw affecting 55 percent of android handsets, malicious apps can gain superpowers to spy on the device’s owner.

One-Hit Wonders

Sometimes we come across a single piece that we think you shouldn’t miss.  Here are some one-hit wonders from the past two weeks.

  • What do you think is the top programming language of 2015? Find out how your guess ranks here.
  •  If you didn’t make it to OSCON 2015, you can check out some video highlights here.
  • An exploration of Marc Andreessen’s statement that “Software is eating the world” is the theme for this “Breaking Smart” collection of essays.”
  • This article offers “An explainer on containers” and a look at how they will be used at federal agencies.
  • When it comes to public cloud management, most large and mid-size U.S. companies want to outsource.
  • Having trouble wrapping your head around what exactly machine learning is? This brief visual introduction can clear it up for you.
  • This article explains why and how, “Google’s datacenter network is the magic behind what makes much of Google really work.”
  •  There is at least one Google, sorry, Alphabet, product for each letter of the alphabet. From A-Z, here they are.
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