Tradeshow Tip – Knowing when it’s time to Go – And finding the Center Mass

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Given we do a fair amount of trade show intelligence work, and I deliver a fair number of conference presentations at competitive intel, market research, and other conferences, I just thought I would share an observation about how people typically approach a conference.

In short, know when it’s time to show up and it’s time to go.

Too many people lock themselves in for the pre-day, the post-day events, and sometimes show up 1 or 2 days early for a reasons only known to them.

Whether it’s a trade show intelligence project or a conference you’re attending, take a close look at the schedule and find the Center Mass.


What the Center Mass is of course is going to be unique to your objectives.  Whether that’s a set of Key Intelligence Questions or a set of business needs.

Keep in mind you don’t get extra credit for staying longer.

So next time you book travel for a show, think long and hard about what Center Mass for that show means to you.  It might mean you show up for the pre-con and one day of exhibit hall activities.  It might mean you focus on the session and ditch the pre-con.  It might mean you stay for all of it.

But whatever you do don’t just look at the conference dates and open up your favorite airline website right after that.

Look for the Center Mass first.  You’ll get more done in less time, and be back in the office before you know it.

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